Як знову стати 18-річним лише за  2 мільйони доларів на рік

45-year-old IT entrepreneur Brian Johnson spends $2 million per hour on the work of a team of doctors to look and feel 18 years old. His story is told by Bloomberg.
Brian Johnson pays for the work of a team of more than 30 doctors and health experts who monitor his physiology. The team of doctors is headed by regenerative medicine specialist Olivier Zolman, and its goal is to stop (or even reverse) the aging processes in each of his organs.
Zolman and Johnson study the scientific literature on aging and longevity. In fact, Johnson is a "guinea pig" for them to study the most promising treatment schemes.
The entrepreneur spent several million dollars just to start this program. In particular, for the installation of medical equipment at home.
This year, the entrepreneur plans to spend $2 million on treatment. He wants his brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, teeth, skin, hair, penis and other organs to function like an 18-year-old man.
Johnson's anti-aging project is called Project Blueprint.
Ego conditions include:
• strict dietary restrictions (1977 "vegan" calories per day)
• sports loads (time per day, intensive training three times a week)
• sleep (at the same time every night, after wearing glasses that block blue light for two hours).
Johnson and his doctors constantly monitor the body's indicators, carry out a number of medical procedures (some of them quite unpleasant), including ultrasound examinations, colonoscopy, MRI, blood analysis. And according to the doctors involved in this, Johnson's body began to "rejuvenate" from a medical point of view.
There are certain signs that Johnson is at least healthier than his peers. The percentage of fat in his body is 5-6%, the condition of his heart is estimated at 37 years old, skin - at 28 years old, lung efficiency and general physical shape - at 18 years old.
However, Zolman, who heads his team of doctors, speaks rather restrainedly: according to him, it was not possible to achieve "significant" results yet, but it was possible to obtain moderate expected results.
When he was 30, Johnson founded his company, Braintree Payment Solutions LLC. She became very successful, but long working hours and stress led to the fact that the entrepreneur began to become obese and became depressed, bordering on suicidal thoughts. He sold the business to eBay in 2013 for $800 million in cash and has since become interested in biotech and ways to overcome aging.
Zolman, who heads the businessman's team of doctors, founded his own anti-aging company in 2021 - 20one Consulting Ltd. His goal is to prove with the help of biostatistics that it is possible to reduce the aging of 78 organs of the human body by 25% by 2030. His services can cost about $1,000 per hour, including, in addition to diet and exercise recommendations, a bunch of tests, therapy, and devices. If the patient does not improve, he is not charged for services.
Johnson is one of his most loyal patients. His day is different from how most people live their lives. The morning begins at 5:00 a.m., when Johnson takes dozens of medications and nutritional supplements. Lycopene for artery and skin health, metformin for intestinal polyp prevention, turmeric, black pepper and ginger root for liver enzymes and inflammation control, zinc to complement his vegan diet and microdose lithium for brain health.
This is followed by a timed workout consisting of 25 different exercises, and a juice with creatine, flavanols, collagen and other goodies. During the day, the entrepreneur consumes food according to recipes that change according to the results of his latest medical tests. He brushes his teeth with paste and floss, rinses his mouth with tea tree oil and applies an antioxidant gel to his gums.
Johnson daily measures weight, body mass index and fat content, temperature, blood sugar, heart rate variations. He has already taken more than 33,537 pictures of his intestines and measured the thickness of his carotid artery. He irradiates his pelvic floor to improve muscle tone and uses a device that measures the amount of his nocturnal erections. To restore the skin, he uses several day creams, performs laser therapy and acid peeling and does not go out in the sun. True, the businessman refused several popular antiaging methods, in particular, ice baths and high doses of testosterone.
The entrepreneur also carries out cosmetic procedures that regulate the content and location of fat on the face, dyes hair.
Although Johnson is not yet discussing it, he is going to undergo several much more experimental procedures, including gene therapy, according to several of his doctors and advisers. Good or bad, but he devotes his body to science in the hope of proving that longevity is possible for all of us.
"That's the beauty," he says. "This is a new frontier."

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