Абстракція чи льодовики?

German photographer Tom Hagen has taken pictures that make you think about the effects of climate change. This time he took photos of Icelandic lakes from a helicopter after the melting of glaciers, although at first glance it may seem that this is abstract art, not the result of our stay on the planet.

The next day after Tom took the photo in the air, he walked alone to explore the mystical lakes of Iceland even closer to better understand the structure of the surface. At that moment, Tom realized how influential our actions could be: "Flying over such majestic landscapes reminds me of how small we are, but what an incredible impact we have on the planet."

Traveling the world, we discover new places and expand the world not only for ourselves but for all mankind. These amazing, breathtaking lakes became such an example. That is why it is now so tempting to go and see them personally.

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