About nutrients

Management of the nutrient diet
is the basis of
a healthy lifestyle

The manufacturability of modern foods and eating habits are the cause of many nutrient deficiencies. This leads to metabolic disorders, a collection of chronic diseases, weakness, apathy.

Causes of nutrient deficiencies

You are convinced that your diet is balanced, because it supports your energy needs at about 2,500 kcal. However, such a diet hides a time bomb. Deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients in our menu is at least 30% of the daily physiological needs of the body. These data are considered an axiom by scientists from leading research centers.

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The most important functions of nutrients

Nutrients are everything that is consumed with food and has biological value for humans. A lack of nutrients can disrupt metabolic processes and cause diseases, while a balanced, wholesome diet takes the body to a completely different level.

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Consequences of nutrient deficiency

According to WHO research, nutrients are responsible for protecting the body from non-infectious diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Constant lack of beneficial nutrients provokes the development of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

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Signs of nutrient deficiency

Chronic fatigue, drowsiness, soreness and flabbiness - your old acquaintances? Maybe you are worried about crunch in the joints, brittle hair and nails, periodic headaches? Well, we've got some good news and bad news for you.

Bad news: most likely your body is deficient in nutrients. Good news: this can be corrected by adjusting the diet.

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Experience of developed countries

Experience in the use of special food additives in Japan is more than 50 years. Up to 90% of the Japanese population takes them daily. Such additives are used by almost 80% of the population - in the USA, 60% - in France and Germany, about 3% - in Ukraine and Russia.

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Nutrients for active longevity

Proper nutrition, choosing natural "healthy" foods for your table is a beneficial and effective habit. However, this is only half the battle: it is important to monitor the balance of nutrients, their quantity, the degree of saturation of the body with all necessary nutrients, the quality of their absorption.

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