Combination of a large number of natural high molecular weight organic components in Relive Balance®nourishes the body cells with essential nutrients, it has a proven multifunctional normalizing effect on organs and systems of the human body, it normalizes metabolism, energy metabolism, strengthens the immune system, inhibits the aging of organs and tissues of the body.

Effectiveness of Relive Balance® was studied by scientists from leading medical institutions in Ukraine. The results of trials were presented at international conferences held in: USA, Canada, Spain, Japan.

Relive Balance® complexes contain a record high (up to date) amount of high molecular weight organic components that provide the body with more than 600 essential compounds. Special technology of processing of components shows ten times increase of biological activity of ingredients in comparison with activity of initial raw materials. Therefore, Relive Balance® complexes have a high prime cost. But the cost of daily intake does not exceed the cost of 2 cups of coffee.

Microdosing of bioavailable compounds does not cause addiction or negative side effects. The formulation proven by studies supports effective influence and absence of mutual exclusion of active ingredients.

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