600 миль нон-стоп

In July 2019, Relive Balance brand has become a nutritional partner of the Odesa Racing Yacht Club.

Sailing is a real pleasure to conquer the water, as well as a test of strength for strong men and women. Status is not important in the sea, courage, endurance and ability to work in a team are respected here.

Yacht racing is always an opportunity to have an unforgettable vacation, gaining new experience. Speed, movement, wind force, waves and adventures bring a lot of fun. Coordinated team work gives new skills. Driving a yacht inspires self-confidence.

Since 2017, Odesa Racing Yacht Club unites professionals and amateurs in love with sailing. They regularly take part in national and world competitions. The club now includes Sydney 40 yacht and 9 Platu 25 yachts, bringing together more than 100 members.

This fall, the club's teams will prepare for two major competitions. The first of them is Platu 25 Sailing World Championships, which will take place in Portugal on September 10-15. The second competition is 40th Anniversary Rolex Middle Sea Race Regatta scheduled for October. Therefore, we are proud that the Tobeplus brand will become a nutritional partner of the club to support the resourceful state and wull increase the endurance of athletes in these competitions.

Rolex Middle Sea Race Regatta is one of the long-distance regattas of 600 miles (965,6 km). This trip is a real challenge for the crews and a serious test. The record time for the distance of this regatta is 47 hours. This means that the team must spend more than 2 days without sleep and rest in unpredictable weather conditions and on a difficult route. The crew is required to coordinate actions, full dedication, attentiveness, strict execution of the captain's commands, as well as a significant resource of the body for activity in such extreme conditions.

In situations where a person has to act at the limit of their physiological capabilities, the body's needs for the components necessary for life increase significantly. Their long-term deficiency causes changes in metabolism, depletion of internal reserves of protein and calcium. This, in turn, triggers the mechanisms of economy by reducing the intensity of metabolism and apoptosis of weakened cells. Therefore, to maintain the resourceful state and achieve the best results, it is extremely important to enter the competition in a state of complete readiness of the body and saturation with all necessary nutrients.

"Relive Balance" multinutrient functional-peptide complex was developed to recover vitality and resourceful state of the body, as well as to improve metabolism. It is used for rapid rehabilitation, preparation for expeditions and maintaining the resourceful state of the body during tests and intensive training. We have dedicated 7 years to the development of the complex. During this period of time, the formulation was developed and improved, clinical trials and tests were conducted at leading medical institutes. The complex is recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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