Body under control

is the philosophy of Relive Balance and those who choose it. Modern successful people always set goals, gain new knowledge, plan and keep everything under control.

Health and energy are the foundation without which it is impossible to realize all dreams and plans in life. That's why we created Relive Balance to support your body and you on the path to fulfillment.


We believe in balance

The freedom to live fully begins with the cell.
Balanced nutrition and nutrition of the body gives strength and energy. With them you can live an active life at any age, open new horizons and conquer peaks. Literally and metaphorically.

We live in a time of development. Not only global, but also professional, emotional and personal. We always strive for more, so we often lack the energy to implement everything planned.

We at Relive Balance know that energy cannot be obtained from artificial sources, but from your own body. It is only necessary to recharge the ego at the cellular level.

Nutrition of cells

We have developed a unique balanced system of supporting the body from the inside. Relive Balance is a complex of nutrients that helps to keep the body under control and restore energy.

We created the Relive Balance®, brand to unite everyone who wants to see themselves again as explorers of life, not sofa cats. Relive Balance®, inspires to dream and make dreams come true, recovers the meaning of life and the spirit of freedom.

Relive Balance®

After many years of research, we created Relive Balance® is a unique balanced system of nutrition of human body cells, which starts the processes of self-regulation and recovery of the body at the cellular level and carries out a multifunctional normalizing effect on the human body.

• Helps to optimize all types of metabolism

• Increases antioxidant protection

• Improves energy metabolism, trophic processes and slows down the aging of organs and tissues

• Increases the capabilities of adaptation systems, non-specific resistance and detoxification systems


Relive Balance® supports grand trips and studies. By our own example, our community shows how exciting life can be.

Official nutritional partner of the Ukrainian Antarctic Akademik Vernadsky Station since 2019

We know that every expedition is a serious challenge, so our polar explorers must be well prepared to meet the opportunities of Antarctica in a resourceful state. We are proud that the Relive Balance® complex is used to recover the physical condition of Ukrainian polar explorers.

Nutritional partner of the Odesa Racing Yacht Club since 2019

"Sailing competitions are the test of endurance and strength for athletes. To win you need not only coordinated teamwork and knowledge of your sport, but also resourceful state, energy, strength, speed of reaction, because you need to show the best results in extreme conditions. often at the limits of physiological capabilities.

That's why we thank you for your support and use Relive Balance® all the time to increase the resourceful state of athletes in the off-season period and before competitions."

Albert Kabakov, General Director of the Odesa Racing Yacht Club, President of the Sailing Federation of Odesa region.