Гонки Underground

Do you like closed space? Is it possible to get positive emotions in it? Yes, it is quite possible!

Depth from 5 to 25 meters, explored length of underground passages up to 50 km, impenetrable darkness, layers of millions of rocks, narrow tunnels, cracks and gaps. And also, underground lakes and streams, an amazing variety of crystals, stalactites and stalagmites and bats... Discover a completely new world - the closed underground world of the MLYNKI cave. The cave was opened in 1960 in the Chortkovsky district of the Ternopil region, and now it attracts not only those who are interested in speleotourism, but also everyone who lives in the spirit of adventure, the spirit of adventurism and the thirst for everything new.

It is best to visit the cave on the weekend, because you can make as many as 3 exits, because its labyrinths are quite long and incredibly exciting. You will definitely get a full range of emotions: it will be hard, and uncomfortable, and hot, and cold, and narrow, and sometimes painful. And most importantly - it will be amazingly interesting. You will need constant concentration of strength and attentiveness. You should move carefully to prevent injuries, but fortunately, a flashlight prevents you from hitting your forehead :)

And for real adventurers, a speleoquest called Underground Races will be a serious challenge. This is not a quest for you in a modern mall, it's 5 hours underground in extreme conditions. Here you can not only test your ingenuity and ability to solve logical problems, but also demonstrate your good physical fitness. You will be forced to squeeze through narrow holes and gorges, crawl not only horizontally, but also pull yourself up, keep your balance on unsteady blocks and climb high stones. Unique underground mix!

We will not reveal the secrets of all the stages of the speleoquest, but just listen to their names: Light of Prometheus, Training Strut, Devil's Throat, Ariadne's Thread, Hell's Throat, Mustang's Pass, Orientation, Last Breath and, finally, Speleo Intelligence :)

Despite scratches, abrasions and bruises, here you forget about all the problems and enjoy every moment and every small victory. Adrenaline and new emotions are guaranteed, because underground the world is completely different...

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