Трекінг до втраченої цивілізації

Urubamba, Pachakutek, Tavantinsuyu are unknown and even mystical words to most, aren't they? But the Andes, Peru, the Inca Empire, Machu Picchu - the dream of many travelers who want to touch the mysteries of a lost civilization. Peru is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable trekking routes in the world - the Inca Trail.

Your journey is 43 km of roads built by the Sons of the Sun almost 6 centuries ago. The classic route lasts 4 days, and during this period the impressions can surpass everything you have seen in your life. The majestic heritage of the vanished Inca Empire: archeological sites, ancient ruins of fortresses and temples, stone stairs, terraces, gorges - a complete immersion in the history and culture of ancient Peru. And yet - the greatness and diversity of Nature. Along the way you will meet the subtropical jungle with exotic plants and animals, and most of the trip will take place among the fantastic mountain landscapes of the Andes with altitudes of up to 4200 meters.

To avoid mountain sickness, it is recommended to spend at least 2 days in Cusco. Do not worry, in addition to acclimatization you will have something to do in Cusco, because this is a city with a huge history - the first settlements here were more than 3 thousand years ago. Well, after 43 km of unforgettable travel, a real reward awaits you - meeting the dawn in the "city in heaven", the best creation of the Incas, the sacred Machu Picchu. The mystical ruins of the "lost city" are an experience that will change your life.

Some useful tips:
- Independent travel on the Inca Trail is prohibited, you will definitely need a local guide and an official permit to hike.
- The cost of the track starts from $ 650 and can increase depending on your wishes. For example, you can hire an additional carrier - but it's not for real extremes, right? :)
- The popularity of the route is huge, so it is recommended to book a trip in advance, from 3 to 6 months.
- The best period for the track is from June to August, but you can travel in October, while the weather is more or less dry

Well, it's time to plan your personal Path in search of the true spirit of adventure!

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