Сучасне життя летить стрімким темпом. Кожен день – це новий виклик собі, своєму організму та своїй витривалості.

I'm 60. And this is my previous 3 months. A challenge I was able to take on thanks to Relive Balance.

February 28: left Odessa. 2 days and 2200 kilometers behind the wheel and I’m in Bremen - my first destination. I spent two days here to see my family and prepare for my next trip.

March 3: from Bremen to Hamburg only 160 km. 2 hours behind the wheel and I'm at the airport to catch a plane to Tenerife. 3 hours on the plane and from the cold German spring I find myself in the eternal summer of the Canary Islands.

March 4-11: week on board the catamaran Lucia 40 "Aquila". The Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque landscapes of La Palma, La Gomera and, of course, Tenerife. And 8 people who learned to sail a catamaran under my leadership.

March 11: goodbye Tenerife! Again, the plane, again Hamburg and Bremen. Two days of rest and again 2200 km behind the wheel. Now to Odessa.

March 29: a new round of travel – Greece! 1650 km by car from Odessa to Lefkada, where an atmosphere of carefreeness and Mediterranean beauty reigns.

April 4: flight Corfu - Dusseldorf - Tenerife. A difficult flight, more than a day on the road and I’m back in the Canary Islands, ready for new sea discoveries.

April 6: catamaran Lucia 40 "Aquila" is ready to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Ahead are 20 days on board, 1400 nautical miles, no more than 3 hours of sleep in a row and weather ranging from stormy to completely calm. Madeira – Gibraltar – Marbella – Cartagena – Ibiza – this was our route.

Madeira is a wonderful highlight on our route. Three days on the island allowed me to fall in love with it, and I was left with the desire to definitely return and explore in detail this island in eternal spring with its waterfalls, irrigation canals, black sand beaches and many other attractions. The rum factory is another attraction on our way. We saw how this excellent drink is made, the favorite drink of all sailors.

April 26: Finally, Ibiza!

Behind us were long miles of stormy headwinds, continuous blows of high waves on the hull of the catamaran, a torn main halyard, an attack by killer whales on the approach to Gibraltar, one rudder blade torn off and a damaged second, the decision to continue on to Ibiza with virtually no steering. Passing the Strait of Gibraltar and the legendary Rock of Gibraltar...

And there is a whole night in Ibiza to relax and prepare for a new week on board and meeting the new crew.

April 27 - May 4: Lagoon 40 "Eskimo" - my faithful companion on a hike around Ibiza and Formentera. After the ocean crossing, I was looking forward to a week of wonderful, sunny, warm holiday, but stormy winds, rain and cold followed me to Ibiza. The first two days were harsh, but then the warmth and sun, incredible landscapes, azure water, unity with nature - these impressions will forever remain in my memory.

May 4: flight again. Again, from the hot Spanish summer to the cold German spring. Ibiza-Palma-Hamburg-Bremen. Planes and trains take me back to Germany. Five whole days to rest, and then hit the road again! Sardinia is waiting!

May 11: Bremen – Hamburg – Olbia (Sardinia).

May 11-18 – new crew, new catamaran Lagoon 42 "Agave" and a new week at sea. The secluded bays of Sardinia, rocky islands, lush green hills, azure coves and snow-white beaches of the La Maddalena archipelago, and the unique Corsica, with the city at the “end of the world” - Bonifacio, rising on a limestone cliff in the south of Corsica, in the very south of Corsica.

May 18: Today is a difficult day. I say goodbye to the crew and Sardinia. Flight Olbia – Rome – Catania. Bus Catania - Messina, train from Messina to Capo d'Orlando, where another catamaran is waiting for me. At 16:00 I am already meeting the new crew with whom we will be exploring the Aeolian Islands next week.

May 18-25: Lagoon 42 Capovento II - my home for 7 days. Lipari, Salina, Stromboli, Vulcano - these volcanic islands captivated me with their rugged beauty. The strong warm Sirocco wind, originating in the deserts of North Africa, the night passage around the island of Stromboli under the full Moon and the fiery flows of Stromboli lava, sulfur emissions in the Vulcano caldera are vivid memories this week.

May 25-26: and back to Catania, and then by plane Catania - Tirana - Athens. Bus Athens – Lefkada. I am greeted by Greece, my car and five whole days of relaxation on the warm Ionian Sea.

May 30: Lefkada – Albania – Montenegro – Split (Croatia). 900 km behind the wheel and I’m in Croatia. We are preparing a flotilla of 4 yachts.

June 1-7: Split – Zlarin – Skradin – Sibenik – Rogoznica – Trogir – Split. This is the route of our flotilla. 4 yachts, 4 captains, 28 people. Education, relaxation, sea and sun.

And deja vu)) - again two days of rain and strong winds. Showers of such intensity that another yacht from our flotilla is no longer visible 100 meters away, and a thunderstorm with lightning in the immediate vicinity of us... And thunder, which evokes feelings, are understandable only to those who have experienced more than one missile attack in Ukraine. In your head you understand that it’s thunder, but still the tree is shaking in convulsions...

June 8: Split – Odessa. Farewell to the Adriatic Sea, or rather to new meetings in the fall! 2000 kilometers by car, and I’m home again, in my native Odessa. This is where I will stay for the next three weeks.

This is just a short summary of my journey. Relive Balance gave me the opportunity to see the world in all its beauty, gave me the strength to test myself and gain unforgettable impressions and true friends.

The most vivid impressions of my trip were the People - the people who were in my crews, who changed every week, and with their diversity of characters, they were all wonderful People, and I am grateful to fate that brought me together with all of them. And I am sure that with most of them we will walk together more than one mile across the seas and oceans.

I am grateful for this journey and look forward to new adventures!

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