Садхгуру: про наслідки деградації ґрунту у США.

People eat thinking that it nourishes their body. It gives almost nothing, except for a feeling of fullness. Nothing else. If there is not enough iron, vitamins A, C, B6, B12, folic acid and other things in the food, you become more vulnerable.
In the 1930s, one orange contained what is now contained in eight.
What's wrong with our food?
There are medical problems - I'm not talking about that now. One of the main reasons is that there are very few nutrients in the soil. How little? Now I'm only talking about the United States. Soil depletion in the United States has resulted in a 21% decrease in vitamin A in all fruits, vegetables and everything else you eat. The content of vitamin C decreased by 30%, iron by 37%, and calcium by 27%.
Foods that are considered very healthy today - spinach, your favorite lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables that you usually use in a salad - now contain only 10% of the nutrients that they had in the early 20th century. 90% less than at the beginning of the 20th century. Most of the time, you feed on water sacs that are extremely nutrient-poor. If we had the same level of nutrients, our ability to withstand the pandemic would be different, not 100%, but different. Immunity would be much higher, and the consequences would not be so terrible. So many people would not have died.
More than 6 million people have died worldwide. Nearly 900,000 have already died in the United States. Scientific studies around the world show that nutrient depletion in food is very high. It is tragic that when we eat food, we think that it nourishes us, but, in fact, there is nothing in it. I don't even consider the harmful effects of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides now. And so, it is clear that it poisons food. I'm talking about lean food. This in itself is a tragedy. People eat thinking that it nourishes their body. It gives almost nothing, except for a feeling of fullness. Nothing else. And this is one of the reasons why we should be wary of pandemics.
I listened to the best virologists in the world. They all speak. That maybe it's not over yet. The very nature and structure of the coronavirus is...
We have already seen 2-3 options. Today we are talking about Mr. Omicron. Scientists argue that much more dangerous and much more adaptable viruses can easily evolve with a slight change in their basic structure. And they are quite capable of doing it at any moment. That's what every government, every scientist is afraid of. And that should be of concern to all of us. But soil plays an important role in all this.
Let's get back to the food we eat. If it does not contain the necessary iron, vitamins A, D, C, B6, B12, folic acid, etc., you become more vulnerable to any kind of respiratory disease. This is a well-known fact. The situation is very serious. Today, 90% of Americans are deficient in vitamin E. That is why this country has the highest mortality rate among the population. For 350 million people, there are almost a million deaths. This is the highest rate in the world. There are more densely populated countries such as India and many others. With the space you have, you should have been safe. But the lack of nutrients and irresponsible behavior cost us dearly. We must ensure that the number of victims does not increase. So, the soil is very important.
43% of people are deficient in vitamin A. With its deficiency, there is a loss of integrity of the mucous membranes. And this is one of the surest ways to serious consequences of any respiratory infections. We must understand that Covid is essentially a respiratory tract infection, which can later lead to various complications.
39% of people in the United States suffer from a lack of vitamin C. And vitamin C is very important for the production of antibodies. All this must contain food.
In the 1930s, one orange contained what is now found in eight oranges. Whoever ate eight oranges a day? Most people don't have the ability to eat eight oranges a day. What you got from one orange. Today they give eight. All things considered, the soil situation is a growing disaster for everyone.
I spoke with the director of the United Nations World Food Programmed. He is from the United States. He said $9 billion was spent last year to distribute food in Africa to the starving population. This year the budget should increase by at least 4-6 billion dollars. Otherwise, we will not be able to complete the task. Because we expect very high levels of hunger in many parts of Africa. He noted that people who think that this will happen only in Africa or Asia, unfortunately, are mistaken. He says that by 2035 there could be severe famine in Chicago and Illinois. The soil is so depleted that this can easily happen.
- "Oh, we will transport all the products from here to there, from there to here."
No. When there is not enough food, not a single truck will reach its destination. People will rob them along the way. Is not it?
- "Yes or no? You orange eaters, tell me, will you allow oranges from Florida to be shipped to Canada? You eat eight pieces a day. You will stop the truck on the way. I'm talking about riots."
Experts say that by 2045, major civil wars around the world could begin simply because of soil depletion. And the only way they see if people do not act is a massive transition to genetically modified crops. It is now so fashionable to oppose this, but it will be the only lifeline for the next 20-25 years. But after that, when everything collapses, recovery will be impossible. Unless you restore the soil. Every year, on average, about 27,000 species of microbes die out. If we leave everything as it is for another 25-40 years, then after that the restoration will take 150-200 years. If we act now, if we change the policy and start acting in the next 10 to 15 years, then in 25 years we will be able to change the situation radically.
I believe that this is our main responsibility both to ourselves and to future generations on this planet. What do you think?

21% decrease in vitamin A
37% reduction in vitamin C
37% decrease in iron
27% decrease in calcium

90% suffer from vitamin E deficiency
43% suffer from vitamin A deficiency
39% suffer from vitamin C deficiency
Source: isha.sadhguru.org

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