Як підтримати психічне здоров’я під час війни?

February 24 changed our lives forever. Divided into before and after. We are not used to it, but we have learned to live with sirens. We are waiting for fresh reports from the front, we are mourning the dead, we are worried about our relatives and friends. Fear, uncertainty, anxiety, aggression deplete the brain and deprive you of strength. But even in wartime, there are ways to reduce the pressure on the psyche and maintain your mental health.

Don't follow the news non-stop. It is important to know current events, but do not overload yourself. Stop scrolling through the news feed, pause. Use information only from officially verified sources. Do not distribute unverified data. If you are asked to repost, call the number provided and make sure the information is accurate.

Plan your actions as much as possible. Even a daily routine. When you have a clear plan in front of your eyes, you automatically start to be more active.

Do not communicate with toxic people who make you angry or upset. A person on emotions is not ready to accept rational arguments. Don't waste your energy.

Take care of yourself. Take care of your health, nutrition and hygiene. It is important to sleep and rest fully. Live here and now.

Help others. Not everyone knows how to fight, but everyone at their level can benefit. Some find themselves volunteering, others continue to work and pay taxes, supporting the economy. Make donations for the army or homeless shelter, help lonely retirees. Take care of your family. A sense of usefulness and involvement helps to strengthen control over the situation. And it will also be a contribution to the common victory.

Make plans for the future. Dream what you will do after the war. This will help the brain to get out of self-destruction and work for salvation.

Compensate for negative emotions with small pleasures. Resources are needed for life. Watch a movie or listen to music, play sports, save yourself with humor. Artists even come to the soldiers' front to distract them and make them smile. Positive emotions are necessary for survival. Watch funny memes or videos on social networks. Restore the psyche so as not to burn out and survive.

If you feel that you can not cope on their own, consult a psychologist. Many professionals now consult in person or online for free. And a professional will answer all your questions and help you deal with anxiety or depression.

Learn to help yourself or your loved ones in times of panic attacks or emotional distress. If possible, provide access to fresh air and drink a glass of water. Maintain physical contact: hold hands or hug. This will help to feel the reality through the body. Offer to breathe with an emphasis on deeper exhalations. Or breathe together in a square. Slow inhale 1-2-3-4, then pause 1-2-3-4, exhale 1-2-3-4 and another pause on the same account. You can draw a square with your eyes. Talk. Say you're around and you're not going anywhere. Ask what color jacket you are wearing. Ask them to name five red objects, what objects are around you, what smells you can distinguish. If a person is shaking with fear, ask him to shake his hands and feet. How to shake off stress. It is important to ground a person, to bring him back to reality.


Help yourself to cope with anxiety and maintain health with the help of special complexes. For example, Relive Balance Neuro is a complex of natural chelated compounds of vitamins and trace elements. This is convenient because all the necessary compounds to replenish nutrients and protect the nervous system are contained in one complex. The uniqueness of Relive Balance Neuro is that the complex contains a record number of components that provide the body with more than 600 essential compounds. And it is very important that the recipe of the complex is tested by scientists of leading clinics in Ukraine. And the composition provides an effective effect and the absence of mutual exclusion of components.

Unfortunately, we are forced to live in conditions of war. So fears and anxieties will be our companions indefinitely. Therefore, it is important to learn to cope with new realities, so that after the victory to throw all efforts to rebuild the country.


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