Міфи про омолодження: чи існує магічна пілюля, здатна зупинити процеси старіння

We all want to stay young as long as possible. Behave and feel as if we have a lot of energy and opportunities. This is the state in which we do not worry about feeling bad, the body looks good and works like clockwork. But if you do not invest in yourself, it will not last forever. But what kind of investment should it be? And what do you need to invest in?

In the eighth issue of the PROAGE program on Prosto Radi.O, we discuss and debunk the myths about rejuvenation with Anna Balent and Nadiia Kryzhanivska, an expert, a physician and candidate of medical sciences.

What shall we discuss?

  • The main myths about the rejuvenation of the body - just myths?
  • How is longevity related to bowel function?
  • What affects longevity?
  • CRISPR injections or gene therapy - do we have a chance to stay young longer due to gene therapy?
  • Stages of aging. How does the amount of protein consumed affect aging depending on age?
  • Anti-age vitamins and medicinal products that affect the composition of the blood - believe it or not? Should we look more closely in this direction?

Please listen about the latest approaches to rejuvenation in the full release of the program on YouTube channel.


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Figure-Freedom to live