Скляний адреналін

Usually, the key function of any bridge is quite utilitarian - connecting two banks or two gorges, any two objects. But a person cannot do without romance and extreme sports - therefore, you can do anything on bridges: take unsurpassed panoramic photos, jump from a bungee, arrange races or even get married :) In recent years, glass bridges have become very popular all over the world. There are such structures in Austria, Croatia, the USA, Canada, France, Hong Kong, other countries and even in Kiev :) But China has become a real "glass" leader, such bridges were built in different provinces of the country, and within 5 years it was in China. already broken 3 world records for the longest glass bridge on the planet. And their key function is not at all utilitarian, but emotional, because extreme sports and adrenaline are definitely guaranteed to you!


Striking, shocking, phantasmagoric - this is how the location for the blockbuster "Avatar" should be. And it was found in the Chinese province of Hunan, in the Zhangjiajie National Park. Unearthly landscapes, luxurious landscapes, mountains, tropical forest, labyrinths of caves, the power of waterfalls and huge pillars of sandstone. It was here that a glass bridge was built in 2016, which at that time was considered the longest in the world - 430 meters. And to add adrenaline to yourself, imagine that you are moving on a completely transparent glass at an altitude of 300 meters above the canyon! If you want even more extreme sports, try a swing over an abyss or bungee jumping into the abyss, because the Zhangjiajie glass bridge is one of the highest points on the planet for such jumps.


And if the spirit of adventurism calls you further, go for a bright adventure to Tianmen Mountain, located just 85 km from the Zhangjiajie glass bridge. Be sure to use one of the longest high-altitude cable cars in the world, choose one of the 98 carriages and enjoy about 7.5 km through the picturesque landscapes.


What about glass adrenaline? Don't worry - it's here :) A trail for tourists has been built around Tianmen Mountain, it winds around the rocks at an altitude of about 1400 meters. Walking over the abyss will take you up to 2 hours, because the total length is 1.6 km. Well, for true connoisseurs of adrenaline, in three places the path is made of transparent glass, and its width is not more than 1.6 meters, and all this is on the edge of a sheer cliff. So, hold on tight to the mountain while enjoying the abyss under your feet, because it really is a walk in the sky!

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