Енергія: знайти та утримати. Що впливає на рівень енергії, і як його підвищити

What is the concept of life energy? It cannot be measured in kilowatt-hours as electricity or the number of joules as in thermodynamics. But anyone who gets out of bed at least once in their life, with the feeling that they haven't gone to bed, understands that it exists.


Short-term episodes of fatigue, flabbiness, irritability, when it is difficult to concentrate, or there is causeless anxiety may be associated with situational fatigue or the onset of a disease. Most likely, normal rest, good sleep, pleasant emotions or consultation of the doctor who will diagnose and appoint symptomatic treatment will help to recover forces.


In this article, we propose to discuss ways to recover vital energy, when the above symptoms last a long time and are caused not by disease but by loss of energy as a result of various situations.


Physically, the body receives energy from food. The components of food undergo complex transformations, converted into the nucleotide ATP, which is accumulated and transfers energy. Lack of such energy occurs with poor nutrition or excessive exercises.


Moral, mental, spiritual, emotional (call it as you wish) fatigue occurs when you are under constant stress. Eternal deadlines, crazy speed of life, increased commitment to yourself and etc. unsettle your life. You are in a hurry, but you do not have time for anything. This is how unfinished business is accumulated, and the irritation along with it. If the relationship has cracked, there are troubles at work, routine and hopelessness, it seems as if this whole mountain of problems is about to collapse and crush. Where to get strength from?


Review sources that will help to increase energy levels.


To begin with, balance your diet. Give the body beneficial fuel. Include fatty varieties of ocean fish to tour diet: salmon, herring, mackerel, cod. They contain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, which maintains the elasticity of cell membranes, affects the cardiovascular and immune systems, improves brain function,mood and reduces fatigue.


Maintain energy metabolism and the nervous system with B vitamins. Eat byproducts, especially liver, meat, cereals and grains. Whole grains also contain a lot of herbal fibers, which provide the body with energy for a long period of time. Fiber also has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, helps to remove toxins, maintains beneficial microflora and stabilizes sugar levels.


Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Bright gifts of fields and gardens not only look attractive, but also contain many phytonutrients. The WHO recommends eating at least 400 grams of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries a day.


Red fruits and vegetables are rich in ellagic acid, lycopene and anthocyanin, which are good antioxidants, support the cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer, improve memory and help cope with depression. The red group includes tomato, red bell pepper, pomegranate, red apple and grape, watermelon, cherry, raspberry, currant, cranberry, strawberry, wild strawberry and etc.


Orange and yellow fruits and berries contain a lot of beta-carotene, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, vitamin C. They strengthen immunity, support the work of the heart and blood vessels, affect vision. These include carrots, pumpkin, corn, sea buckthorn, mango, apricot, peach, orange, lemon, whatever you can think of.


The green color of plants signals that they contain calcium, chlorophyll and other nutrients that will help strengthen bones, normalize blood pressure, improve digestion and relieve stress. Lettuce, celery, spinach, asparagus, all kinds of cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, artichoke, kiwi, avocado, lime have a low glycemic index, so they are slowly digested and not deposited as fat. They are beneficial for the prevention of diabetes and contain many vitamins and minerals.


The blue and violet group of plants contains anthocyanins, which help to calm down, relieve tension, have anti-inflammatory effects, maintain health of the urinary tract, affect memory and brain function. Eat beet, eggplant, purple potato, red cabbage, blueberry, fig, blackberry, bilberry, grape, chokeberry, currant, plum to get the full range of benefits of blue color.


White and brown fruits and vegetables support the heart, strengthen the immune system, control weight. Banana, pear, Jerusalem artichoke, ginger, onion, garlic, kohlrabi, turnip, white cabbage contain beneficial antioxidants and sulfur, which is part of important amino acids, hormones, good for skin, hair and muscle health.


Balance your drinking routine. Sometimes headaches and malaise are caused by a lack of water in the body. Drinking a lot of water supports all the processes of life. Water delivers nutrients and oxygen to cells and tissues, helps to convert food components into energy, affects thermoregulation, removes toxins, salts, toxins and other metabolic products, moisturizes the inhaled air, helps to maintain the shape of cells and tissues, relieves stress. In other words, water is needed for the smooth functioning of the whole body.


In order to establish a drinking regime:

  • always carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. If water is at hand, it is very easy to periodically take a few sips;
  • focus on the norms of 30-350 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. If it is difficult to drink water properly, then set a minimum, such as 1 liter per day, and first get used to this rule;
  • drink a glass of warm water in the morning to wake up digestion and half an hour before a meal;
  • set a reminder in your phone, this tip will help you not to forget about drinking;
  • use plain water instead of carbonated sugary drinks. This way you will avoid sugar spikes and reduce the load on the pancreas.


Give up fast food and energy. Such snacks give short-term bursts of energy, but cause significant damage to health. A large amount of salt in such food retains water, complicates the work of the heart and kidneys and leads to edema. Fast carbohydrates in such products provoke excess weight. Transgenic fats and flavorings are carcinogenic. Stimulants in energy drinks can provoke anxiety and headaches.


Have a good rest. Spend time with friends and like-minded people, take a walk outdoors and get some sleep. To wake up rested, try to go to bed at the same time, always before midnight. At this time, the body begins to produce the hormone melatonin, which not only helps to fall asleep faster, but also affects vitality after waking up.


Review your surroundings. If there are angry, jealous, eternally dissatisfied people around, remove them from your contact list or at least minimize communication with such people.


Optimize physical activity. You will not benefit due to overactive exercises in the gym. But dancing, walking, jogging, swimming, even light physical exercises will lift your vitality and mood. If you are sure that there is no time for sports, then use any moments. If you are in a traffic jam - get out and walk two stops. You need to go up several floors - do not use the elevator, and stairs. When you go for lunch in a cafe - do not rush to return to the office, take a walk for 10-20 minutes around the building.


Meditate or master breathing practices. The simplest thing is to inhale for four counts, then stop breathing for four more and exhale, mentally counting to four. Gradually you will learn to focus on breathing and relax. This technique calms the nervous system and can be practiced without restrictions. Practice these exercises before going to bed, to fall asleep faster and easier.


To saturate the body with oxygen and provide energy, you can breathe by using the abdomen. Relax your shoulders, take a deep breath and as if inflate your stomach. Make sure that the chest does not move. When exhaling air, pull the abdomen up to the spine. This is a good activation of the cardiovascular system and help with stress.


Learn to slow down and let go of your thoughts that are constantly generated by the brain. To be silent means to stop the internal dialogue. Focus on any green or blue object. These colorants in themselves give a feeling of peace, security, harmony. Stare, as if absorbing the smallest shades, the shape of the object. The mind will gradually calm down and the energy level will increase.


Praise yourself for the smallest achievements. We were brought up in such a way that it is easier to quarrel than to praise. Moments of self-flagellation happen in everyone's life. But the habit of praising oneself can be developed, even in spite of the resistance of the inner critic. Focus on achievements, celebrate successes mentally or on paper. Accept your victories not only to increase self-esteem and confidence, but also to be filled with energy. In order to share with other people, you must first fill yourself.


Clean up the house. Psychologists have long noticed that in homes where there is no order and a lot of junk, quarrels are more common, so they advise to free up space from junk. Feel free to throw away broken or badly worn things. Throw items that cause unpleasant feelings in the waste bin. Make a revision in the closet, and give clothes that have not been worn for a long period of time to those who need them. Arrange beneficial little things in the organizers. Even a little cleaning and getting rid of unnecessary things will return the feeling of comfort and give way to new energy. In a cleared space it is easier to find the right thing, easier to maintain cleanliness and even easier to breathe.


Look for positive emotions. Nourish your energy with what gives joy. It can be a meeting with friends or an evening spent with family. A good book where you and your protagonist will live a whole life. A walk in the woods under the cheerful chirping of birds. Communication with pets who give all-consuming sincere love. Fun comedy to laugh at. Or an amusement park to cheer up. You can find amazing places when traveling, often even in your neighborhood. There is so much beauty around.


Don't regret time on creativity and hobbies. Sing, paint, knit, embroider, sculpt - find something to your liking. Maybe you are inspired by cooking, and real culinary masterpieces are born in your hands in the kitchen. Some people enjoy good music, others to collect something. It doesn't matter what you collect: postcards or paintings. If your excited to make something and you want to smile to the whole world - here it is, another powerful source of energy.


Train your brain, make it work. Read, learn something new, solve crosswords, solve arithmetic problems and puzzles, learn poetry. Try to do something unusual: walk around the house with your eyes closed and guess objects by touch, take a fork in your left hand and eat the dish this way, make asymmetrical hand movements at the same time, for example with your right hand make up and down movements and left make circles. Finger exercises give a good effect. Scientists have proven that the brain is plastic. If you train the brain regularly, new neural connections are born in it. This means that a person's intellectual level increases, the speed of decision-making decreases, and cognitive abilities improve.


Say goodbye to images of the past. Betrayal, unfinished relationships, like anchors pull to the bottom. If you feel negative emotions every time you remember negative events, you do not give room for new energy to enter your life. Try to write a letter to the offender. On paper express all your feelings, claims, unfulfilled expectations and insults, use any vocabulary and expressions, but in any case, do not send to the recipient. This letter is for you. Speak up, let go of the situation and forget. Live in the present.


Optimize your relationship with money. It turns out that debts, loans, the regime of perpetual economy also break through the gap in energy defense. Money is energy. If you borrow, you steal energy from the future. It is very important to treat loans and credits carefully, to restructure them in time. The best solution is to find additional sources of income and not to drag yourself into debt. It's also bad if people owe you a debt. Of course, it is worth saving a friend, but give the amount you are not afraid to lose. If the debt is not repaid, donate this money. Concentration on debt, experience on this topic takes a lot of energy. It is much more beneficial to use resources to earn even more money.


Let's look at the money saving regime separately. When we forbid ourselves small "wants", we count every penny, we reduce costs, but the quality of life deteriorates much more. If you do not want anything, there is no incentive to develop, to move on. We close in a cocoon, do not form new habits. Remember that you always need more energy to start than to keep moving. Rational consciousness will protect us from loss. It turns out a vicious circle. Therefore, treat money consciously, earn and spend with pleasure.


Use all the tools to replenish vital energy. Be resourceful!

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