Relive Balance®

Після багаторічних досліджень ми створили Relive Balance®  – унікальну збалансовану систему живлення клітин організму, яка запускає процеси саморегуляції і відновлення організму на клітинному рівні.


Relive Balance

Health is the freedom to live life to the fullest

Relive Balance - body under control

Relive Balance complexes is
were created specifically for modern active women and men.

They help restore strength and restore energy to leading athletes, travelers, and residents of megacities.

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Albert Kabakov

Director of the State Enterprise "Black Sea Yacht Club"
President of the Sailing Federation of Odesa region.
Founder and commander of the public association «Odesa Racing Yacht Club»

Sailing competitions are a test of endurance and strength for athletes. To win you need not only coordinated team work and knowledge of your business, but also resourceful state, energy, strength, speed of reaction, because you need to show the best results in extreme conditions, often at the limit of physiological capabilities.

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Bohdan Andrushko

Certified Specialist in "Physical Rehabilitation"
Candidate for Master of Sports, multiple Winner of ITF All-Ukrainian and International Taekwondo Competitions.
Qeenax Certified Trainer in Qeenax Functional Training Movement Design. 30. Elite coach of "5 element" premium club.

Strength training - he develops the functional capabilities of the body, while improving flexibility, balance and stabilizing the body. Such training requires endurance and balance, so it is important to feel healthy and energetic to continue the path to excellence in the chosen field.

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Max Ukrayinets

Ukrainian traveler
Admirer of non-standard routes
He rode a motorcycle 40,000 km across South and North America
In 100 days, he crossed the South Pacific on a raft

The more I get to know our world, the more I want to see, feel, experience... Therefore, timely recovery after exhausting travels is the first thing that worries me. Having gained strength and charged with balanced energy, I am ready for new adventures. My travel is a big part of the meaning of my life."

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Mykita Tkachenko

is a three-time champion of Ukraine in wakeboarding

Regular participant of the KYIV Half Marathon in running

Regular participant of the KYIV CYCLING 100KM MARATHON

Wakeboarding is a rather complex sport. It mixes static load, endurance and coordination. You have to go and perform tricks at a speed of 36 km/h. To do this, it is important to keep yourself in great physical shape. Follow a balanced diet, get enough sleep, recover and train again.

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Садурська Катерина

4-х кратна рекордсменка і чемпіонка світу

№ 2 у загальному міжнародному рейтингу з фрідайвінгу

Багаторазова призерка чемпіонату світу, чемпіонка Європи, фіналістка Олімпійських ігор 2016 з артистичного плавання

Фрідайвінг це не тільки про пірнання і любов до водної стихії, це і духовний досвід, і шалена робота над собою. Занурюючись на велику глибину, в організмі відбуваються зміни: уповільнюється серцебиття, зменшується об’єм легень, а м’язи «закисають». Під час цього головне — зберегти швидкість, розслабившись фізично та ментально.

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Kotovsky Dmitry

Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine;
participant of the Winter Olympic Games 2022;
2nd number in the overall standings of the Freestyle World Cup for the 2022/23 season;
Бронзовий призер чемпіонату світу з фристайлу леон бет 2023;
multiple winner and prize-winner of freestyle world cups;
Author of the most difficult jumps in the history of ski acrobatics.

Acrobatics is one of the most exciting freestyle disciplines. Athletes push off from a springboard and perform complex acrobatic elements at a height of 15 meters and land on a steep mountain slope. To compete for the highest places in international competitions, you must always keep yourself in the best shape.

Relive Balance
Nutrients for active life

Modern life moves at a fast pace. Every day is a new challenge for yourself, your body and your endurance.

Modern life moves at a fast pace. Every day is a new challenge for yourself, your body and your endurance.

Nutrients are partners of active longevity.

Nutrients are partners of active longevity.

Around the world in 123 days

Around the world in 123 days

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