About nutrients

Nutrients for active longevity

Nutrients are all kinds of nourishment - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. We get them with food, but not enough. Now it is almost impossible to get all the substances we need only from vegetables, fruits, meat and other products. There are no perfect foods - everything is affected by soil, water, air, processing methods and the desire to extend shelf life.

How to reach nutrient balance

Proper nutrition, choosing natural "healthy" foods for your table is a beneficial and effective habit. However, this is only half the battle: it is important to monitor the balance of nutrients, their quantity, the degree of saturation of the body with all necessary nutrients, the quality of their absorption.

For example, you can get enough iodine and calcium from food, but, for example, have a deficiency of iron and zinc and do not even suspect it. Lack of these micronutrients is noticeable, and you do not know what's going on? You try to eat properly, but you hardly wake up, fell like slow-witted and get tired quickly…

Even those who are interested in HLS, eating avocado broccoli and chia and sesame smoothie don't always know how much sesame and broccoli you need to eat a day to make up for vitamin deficiencies. You need to know what substances are not contained in broccoli, chia or sesame. You may need to eat laminaria urgently and rely on cheese and apples. You may think that iron is exactly what you need, and your body will fail. Simply because it asks for iodine and zinc.

Nutrients are not some alchemies in a jar, they are all that nature is rich in. By taking dietary supplements, you can make up for the lack of nutrients that a person does not get with food. No matter how much you eat broccoli and chia, the full set of necessary substances and their balance in the body will be an unattainable goal.

Even if you try very hard to eat properly, it is very difficult to do so. It is impossible to trace where, what and how it was grown, collected, made, etc. It is impossible to count how many vitamins and minerals in your portion, which substances exactly your body may have, and which you really need. A lot of time needs to be devoted to this matter, but where can a modern person get it? Therefore, ready-made nutrients are a convenient and effective way to be healthy and energetic.

How to choose the proper nutrients

Maybe there is an easy way: to go to the pharmacy and buy synthetic vitamins? Take the advertised pill once a day according to a course of administration and your body will work again as a clockwork? If everything was so simple, you and your environment would give a head start to others: work tirelessly, start the morning with a run or having workouts in the gym in the evening, generate ideas, enjoy spending time with family and children. What else to say - to surprise by the vigor and thirst for life! Unfortunately, this is not about you?

It is important to know which supplements to choose. You need to make sure that the preparations contain more than just the proper amount of nutrients. They must be in a biological form that is absorbed by the body. Otherwise, you can drink vitamins in handfuls, and the body will not be able to take 100% of the benefits.

Synthetic vitamins are absorbed worse than natural ones. The best way to help your body is to consume natural multi-nutrient complexes derived from food, enriched with natural vitamins and micronutrients.